1.  Q: How much does your clinic charge for consultation fee?
        A: The consultation fee with a GP is 800RMB - 1100RMB, with the specialist is 1000-1400RMB. 

2.  Q: What kind of insurance do you take?
        A: There are over 50 insurance providers from all over the world we cooperate with.  

3.  Q: Is there any discount for non-insurance clients?
        A: Generally speaking we offer discounts on an individual basis.  

4.  Q: What kind of the payment do you accept?
        A: We accept both cash and credit card. If you have insurance and is currently cooperating with GHC, we could directly bill your insurance provider. 

5.  Q: What kind of the credit card do you accept?
        A: The credit cards we accept are: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay, JCB Card, Diners Club International & Greatwall Card.