First Aid Training

Accidents occur.  Someone chokes on an ice cube or gets stung by a bee. It is important to know when to call for help especially during life-threatening emergencies. While waiting for help to arrive, you may be able to save someone's life. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is used when a person’s heart or breathing has stopped. The Heimlich maneuver is used when an individual is choking. CPR should only be carried out by individuals who have been trained. 

You can also learn to handle common injuries and wounds. Cuts and scrapes, for example, should be rinsed with cool water. To stop bleeding, apply firm but gentle pressure, using gauze. If blood soaks through, add more gauze, keeping the first layer in place. Continue to apply pressure.

It is important to have a first aid kit available (keep one at home and one in your car.) It is recommended that you take a first aid course to learn what the appropriate actions should be during various emergency situations, and how to use the first aid items, so you are ready in the case of an emergency. Our qualified medical staff will be able to provide first aid training upon your request.

First Aid Traning:
- Basic First Aid for General Public
- Ayi and Driver First Aid Training Session
- First Aid Training for Company

- Introduction: Emergency Numbers, Injury Assessment
- Common Medical Emergencies: Breathing Problems, Choking, Allergic Reaction, Fainting, Diabetic Emergency, Heart Attack, Seizure, Shock
- Common Injury Emergencies: Bleeding, Wounds, Nosebleeds, Mouth Injuries, Tooth Injuries, Eye Injuries, Internal Bleeding, Head and Spinal Injuries, Sprains and Strains, Dislocations and Fractures, Burns
- Others Emergencies: Electrocution, Drowning, Hypothermia, Heat Exhaustion, Heatstroke, Poisoning
- Safety Tips to Prevent Injury

A certificate of course completion from GHC is included.

Ayi and Driver First Aid Training Session available.
For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please call (86-21) 5298 6339