50-50? You might be an Helicobacter pylori Carrier!

Helicobacter pylori Urea Breath Test

What is Helicobacter pylori?

Ÿ   a bacterium that weakens the protective mucosa coating of stomach and duodenum

Ÿ   causes heartburn, ulcers, stomach cancer (type I carcinogen)

Ÿ   over 59% of population in China are carriers

Ÿ   some carriers do not have symptoms

Ÿ   many children under age 5 are infected

Ÿ   stomach cancer is the number 1 killer in China

Ÿ   should be treated when diagnosed


You should have H pylori Urea Breath Test if you have the following:

Ÿ   mouth odour

Ÿ   heartburn, burping, abdominal bloating

Ÿ   loss of appetite

Ÿ   stomach or duodenum ulcers

Ÿ   stomach cancer

Ÿ   family members diagnosed with H pylori infection or stomach cancer

Ÿ   long-term nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug therapy

Ÿ   post H pylori treatment eradication


H pylori Urea Breath Test

Ÿ   Safe – clean, non-radioactive, suitable for all including children or pregnant women

Ÿ   Easy – exhale two breath sample into two sample bags before/after taking a tablet

Ÿ   Accurate – high sensitivity (98%) and high specificity (95%)

Ÿ   Economic – inexpensive (extra savings on health assessment packages)

Ÿ   Instant result – report available on the same day for immediate treatment

NOTE: Ÿ PPIs should be stopped 2 weeks before testing

Ÿ Fasting 4 hours or overnite before testing


Treatment is simple and effective. Please consult our physician.

Triple therapy (Amoxicillin 1g + Clarithromycin 500mg + PPI standard dose) taken twice daily for 14 days.


Eradication Testing

Post-treatment urea breath test is performed after 1 month to document resolution of infection.

Test should be repeated annually.  Patient compliance is important to enhance high eradication.

To prevent Helicobacter
pylori infection of yourself and your family,

                                               USE Serving Spoons and Serving Chopsticks.