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Qingming Festival Clinic Operating Hours (April 5):

PuXi Center:  9:00am - 5:30pm

PuDong Center: Closed

Please note: Dental Clinic will be closed on April 5 at PuXi and PuDong clinic.
Please call us to make appointment.

GHC Provided Eye Checkup Service for French School Students

On May 14, 2015, GHC conducted eye checkup for students of French School – PuDong Campus. Totally 120 students were checked-up. Those with abnormal check results were recommended to see their ophthalmologist for further diagnosis.



GHC Shanghai--Hong Kong Medical Green Channel Express has been launched!

After 6 months of preparation and pilot run, Shanghai Global HealthCare Eye Center and Hong Kong Eye Center have jointly launched Medical Green Channel Express, which enables patients in Shanghai to receive treatment and surgery at well-known Hong Kong hospitals, such as HK Sanatorium & Hospital, HK Adventist Hospital, Canossa Hospital, etc…. Practice has proved that through cooperation with medical institutions in HK, we are able to provide higher standard of medical care, more timely service, more efficient insurance guarantee, more cost effective, and more convenient transportation to meet the health-care needs of high-end clients. During the past 6 months, patients who suffered from glaucoma, retinal detachment and other complicated/critical eye diseases have received effective treatments and satisfied results under the care of Dr Steven Zhang, Consultant Ophthalmologist. GHC Eye Center will also invite reputable ophthalmologists from HK as visiting consultants in GHC Shanghai. Patients referred from Hong Kong will be settled in GHC Eye Center.

Based on our endeavor of enhancing the ophthalmology specialty, we have included more specialties into our green channel express service, such as cardiology, urology, general surgery, ENT, endocrinology, etc… With the joint efforts of GHC and Hong Kong medical institutions, we will provide better services to our respected clients.

全康医疗中心沪港绿色通道  GHC SH-HK Green Channel Express:

  Hong Kong Eye Center SH-HK Green Channel Express:

香港养和医院 HK Sanatorium & Hospital

香港港安医院 HK Adventist Hospital

嘉诺撒医院 Canossa Hospital



Senior executives from Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, visited GHC Medical & Dental Center on April 19, 2013. Among the distinguished guests were Arthur M Feldman, MD, Executive Dean & Professor of Medicine in Cardiology, Larry R Kaiser, MD, Dean & Professor of Surgery in Cardiothoracic Surgery, and Joseph Y Cheung, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Research &Professor of Medicine in Nephrology. The guests were welcomed by Peter King, MD, CEO, alumni of Temple University School of Medicine, together with officers of GHC and Renji Hospital.

Both institutions expressed the interest to promote scientific, educational and clinical exchanges between the United States and China. A CME symposium will be organized jointly by GHC/Renji/Temple/Jiaotong in October 2014 to bring state-of-the-art medical advances to Shanghai. 

Temple Health is a leading academic medical institution in the world. Temple University Hospital is ranked consecutively by US News & World Report as the Best Regional Hospital in 13 specialties in 2011 and 2012.

From left to right 

Arthur M. Feldman, MD, PhD

Executive Dean & Professor of Medicine, Temple University School of Medicine

Chief Academic Officer, Temple University Health System


Larry R. Kaiser, MD, FACS

Dean & Professor of Surgery, Temple University School of Medicine 

Senior Executive Vice President for Health Sciences, Temple University

President & Chief Executive Officer, Temple University Health System           


Peter T. King, MD (Temple University School of Medicine)

FACP, FACC, FCCP, FICA                                                                 

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Global HealthCare    

Consultant Cardiologist, GHC


Joseph Y. Cheung, MD, PhD, FACP, FAHA, FCPP

Senior Associate Dean for Research & Professor of Medicine

Temple University School of Medicine                                                                                                                                         


GHC Provided Oral Checkup Service for Students at German French School

On April 15 & 17, 2013, GHC conducted oral checkup for students of German French School – Puxi Campus. Totally 200 students were checked-up during 2 days. Meanwhile, our dentist also gave health talk about oral hygiene and health to the students, which was highly welcomed by the students and teachers


GHC Participated in a Japanese Marathon

On Jan 26, 2013, GHC participated in the Japanese marathon hosted by Rakuto consulting company as a medical sponsor


Health Talk at British International School

On October 16, 2012, our senior physiotherapist provided a useful health talk to the parents at British International School - Puxi on how to spot sports related injuries. This talk enhanced parents' ability to determine the seriousness of an injury prior to seeing a medical professional as well as how to bandage a very minor injury at home


German Community Event

On September 15, 2012 GHC held a booth at the German Chamber of Commerce “Welcome Back Event” at the German French School Shanghai. GHC sponsored a drawing competition for the students


GHC Lunch & Learn Health Talk for Morgan Stanley

On August 30, 2012 and September 6, 2012 GHC sponsored another lunch and learn health talk for Morgan Stanley employees at their Kerry Park and Shanghai World Financial Center locations. Dr. David Austin provided a discussion on orthodontics for adults including Invisalign treatment and lingual braces.


GHC PuXi Clinic Grand Opening

GHC held the grand opening celebration of our new PUXI clinic on June 15, 2012. Patients, cooperating partners, and the general public stopped by for clinic tours, BMI/blood pressure/weight readings, and free orthodontic consultations. All were impressed with our newly renovated, luxurious, and expanded clinic



GHC Held the 1st Japanese Health Seminar at SWFC

GHC held the 1st Japanese Health Seminar at Shanghai World Financial Center on March 26, 2012. Japanese doctors discussed obesity, melancholia, children’s chronic coughing & asthma, and mental diseases. The seminar attracted a significant number of Japanese employees in Shanghai as well as their spouses. GHC plans to hold this type of seminar on a regular basis.


GHC Lunch & Learn Health Talk for Morgan Stanley

On March 16, 2012 GHC sponsored a lunch and learn health talk for Morgan Stanley employees. Dr. Natasha Lee provided a discussion on how to keep the liver in check and Dr. Etsuko Houshou discussed the Prevention of Allergic Rhinitis and Allergic Pharyngitis during springtime.



Free Dental Checkup at Hong Kong Victoria Kindergarten

The dental specialist of GHC provided a free dental checkup to children (4-5 years old) of Hong Kong Victoria Kindergarten on Dec 13, 2011. This activity was highly welcomed by parents and teachers.


Health Talks at Shama Residential Community

GHC provided health talks about nutrition and children’s health at Shama Century Park Residential Community on Sep 13, 2011.


Family Garden Event at SWFC

GHC participated in the Family Garden Event organized by Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) on July 16 & 17, 2011. During the event, children role played as mini doctors and nurses. They “treated” their parents under the instruction of GHC's medical staff.


Educational Health Talk at Shanghai Americann School - PuXi

GHC provided a health talk at Shanghai American School’s Parent/Teacher Coffee on May 25, 2011. The seminar discussed various approaches parents could take to influence their children in exhibiting healthy behaviors.


Educational Health Talk at Jin Cai Middle School International Department

GHC gave a health talk about nutrition and wellness to International Department students at Jin Cai Middle School on May 27, 2011. Almost 200 students attended the talk.


Educational Health Talk at British International School

GHC gave a health talk at British International School on April 15, 2011. We are pro-active about sponsoring community-wide Health Talks (mini seminars) at various schools throughout Shanghai . The purpose of these Health Talks is to increase health awareness through education and prevention. GHC is dedicated to the health and well-being of our local communities and passionately committed to providing community healthcare education.


GHC Health Seminar at Shanghai World Financial Center

Global HealthCare Medical & Dental Center successfully held an educational health seminar at Shanghai World Financial Center Forum on November 29, 2010 with over 100 attendants. The seminar promoted Health and Wellness for expats and locals in Shanghai. International healthcare professionals in various specialties were invited as speakers. Based on this successful event, GHC will hold a series of health seminars targeting different audience groups in the near future to spread healthcare knowledge to international and local communities in Shanghai.


Global HealthCare (GHC) opened its PuDong Medical and Dental Implant/Aesthetic Center on April 22, 2010. Located in Shanghai World Financial Center, the landmark building in Lujiazui Financial District, GHC PuDong is close to Renji Hospital (affiliated with Jiao Tong University Medical School) VIP Inpatient Ward as well as the EXPO site. GHC PuXi and PuDong Clinics are dedicated to provide the highest quality healthcare services to international and local communities in Shanghai.



GHC participated in the Expat Show Shanghai 2009 which was held in Shanghai Exhibition Center in September. Visitors were impressed by the on-site free medical testing service provided by GHC’s professional medical staff.



Dr. Peter King, consultant and director of Hong Kong Heart Centre was interviewed by Hong Kong Medical Student, to share his knowledge about the latest technology and tips for Cardiac health care.


2008 YCIS 7th Annual Great Family Picnic

First Aid Service for Yew Chung International School 7th Annual Great Family Picnic Day on 18 October 2008.


2008 Shanghai Sunrise 8th Annual Picnic



2008 British International School (BISS) Open Day


Dr Dennis A. Johnson, Supervisor of Hong Kong Heart Centre, Adventist Hospital, visited GHC in April, 2008 and was impressed with the set up of the clinic. He expressed his wish for future collaboration with GHC.


Dr. Peter King was honoured to greet Crown Prince Felipe of Asturias at the Grand Opening of the Miguel De Cervantes Library (Spanish Cultural Centre) at Kingsville Arcade in Shanghai on 14th November 2007.


GHC participated in the Open Day on Aug 24 2006. The nurses brought to the students at Rego the art of bandaging. All the children had great fun having their legs or hands bandaged. We apologized to all mums who had a fright that day !




June 3rd market the opening of the “2006 COPA GHC” International Children Soccer Tournament, sponsored by GHC. There were 22 teams in total. They were teams from schools such as the Japanese International School, American International School and British International School.



Mr Kenneth Jarrett, U.S. Consul General in Shanghai visited GHC on May 30,2006



The Japanese medical team from GHC had attended the Japanese Charity Bazaar on November 5 at the Garden Hotel. The event attracted over 1400 attendees. Onsite blood pressure and tests such as blood sugar and cholesterol were provided by GHC at a charitable price. 25% of the proceeds had been donated to help the disabled in China.


Grand Opening of GHC