Michael Lee

Michael Lee



  • Physiotherapist

Specialty: Rehabilitation

Language: Mandarin, English, Japanese

Qualifications & Experiences:

  • Senior physical therapist
  • Graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University, 10+ years experience as a fully-registered physical therapist in China.
  • On-spot observation and training in HongKong Elizabeth Hospital, Taipei Rongmin General Hospital and New York Presbyterian University Hospital.
  • Specialized professional treatment include the following: General musculoskeletal physical therapy. Conservative treatment and prevention of sports injury. Post-surgical rehabilitation of general orthopedic and arthroscopic surgeries. Cardiac rehabilitation for myocardial infarction, CABG, valve replacement, stable angina, controllable arrhythmia and ischemic heart disease etc. Cardiac rehabilitation was taught and trained by the professors (Glenn Schweighardt &Sandra Redderroth) from US. Comprehensive rehabilitation of common neurological diseases like stroke and spinal cord injury. Chronic disease management of metabolic syndrome, hypertension, hyperlipdemia and diabetes. Consultation and intervention for weight loss, stress management and general nutritional guidance.

Days & Hours: Every Tuesday afternoon, Saturday, Sunday at GHC(PUXI)


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